General Hotel Soundproofing

May 18th, 2016

With Hotels business so dependent nowadays on customers online reviews. Hotels are so much more consciences to the little details to insure their clients have a most comfortable and pleasant stay as possible. One area that is often overlooked or better yet not properly understood is sound proofing. Customer comments about hotels not properly soundproofed can be found on public review sites such as Trip Advisor and here at the failing NYT

Hotel managers need to familiarize themselves with proper soundproofing techniques that can be used in Hotel Construction. Click here to read a how to Soundproof A Hotel article.

Music Reform is About to Hit Melbourne

January 23rd, 2014

Music reform is coming to the Melbourne area, but it may not make everyone happy. While Melbourne is acknowledged, even by Parliament, as one of the biggest cultural assets (and tourist assets), there are going to be some reforms to control soundproofing complaints and issues.

Of most notable concern, not just in Melbourne but in areas around the world, is who is responsible when a music venue moves into a neighborhood and starts to make noise. Was the neighborhood already noisy? Was the apartment added next to a bar? In Melbourne, the reform will make the answer to these questions very simple.

Whoever is responsible for changing the face of the neighborhood will be the one to bear the brunt of the soundproofing costs. If the neighborhood has bars and music venues but you choose to move into an apartment nearby, you’ll have to pay to soundproof your apartment. If, on the other hand, the music venue is the new addition to the neighborhood, the music venue will have to bear the brunt of the costs to ensure it does not cause a disturbance.

This seems pretty fair and is geared towards helping the music industry survive where it might otherwise be held responsible for soundproofing costs (or court costs if they want to try to win a fight). Do you think this sounds fair?


Carmel, CA Inns Undergo Renovations

December 16th, 2013

According to, quite a number of inns throughout Carmel, California have undergone renovations. The Carmel area is well-known for it’s quaint charm, so seeing so many places undergoing renovations may leave people feeling a bit hesitant. Is the area evolving and growing? Will it lose it’s charm? Probably not.

The hotels that opted to undergo renovations were in dire need and the essence of each place was kept. Included were the La Playa Carmel, the Vendange Carmel Inn & Suites, and Quail Lodge.

Each has a rich history. La Playa Carmel, for example, was built in 1905 as a family retreat and was later turned into an inn (with 75 small but romantic rooms). Vendange is just about 86 years old and has received both a physical renovation as well as a renovation of their service offerings, something the previous owner left sorely neglected. They even added soundproofing due to their busy street location. Quail Lodge opened in 1964 but closed in 2009 due to economic troubles. The hotel reopened earlier this year and the entire golf resort has a new atmosphere and look.

Seems like the area was in need of an overhaul. Charming doesn’t have to mean run-down, and the folks in Carmel are doing what they can to step things up a notch.

Have you ever been?


Russia’s Kempinski Hotel is Luxurious – and Quiet

November 18th, 2013

The hustle and bustle of daily life in Moscow, Russia can be quite chaotic. The capital city is full of residents, business persons, and tourists throughout the entire year.

It’s not abnormal to check into a hotel in Moscow and still fill as if you’re on the city streets. A lot of the hotels serve liquor in the lobby bars and the chaos seems to carry in from the streets.

The Nikolskaya Kempinski hotel is different, though. Burkhard Wolter, the manger of the hotel, worked hard to make sure the newest building was located in what he called a subdued area. According to The Moscow Times, made sure the lobby had soundproof windows, further enhancing the peaceful effect.

The Kempinski wasn’t always a quiet place. It was originally an apartment building, built in 1870. It took 6 years to restore and convert the hotel, including the movement of a power substation and the restoration of years of neglect to what is still considered a historic building.

Headed to Moscow sometime soon? Check out the Kempinski and let us know what it was like. Our curiosity is piqued!

Airport Fun at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta

October 18th, 2013

Those who travel frequently know how tough it can be to get back and forth to the airport. Those making quick trips, or with long layovers, know how important it is to stay close to the main transportation hub. While some prefer to distance themselves from airport noise, there are others who would prefer to watch the planes come and go all night long. For those people, there are places like the Renaissance Concourse in Atlanta.

This place is seriously cool – and probably even better if you have a child who is really into airplanes. According to a PR Newswire release, the hotel has special areas where you can watch planes come and go. Visitors get kits with information about the visible runways and the types of planes they’re seeing, too. Once you’re done watching the planes, you can relax in a room that was soundproofed specifically with airplane noise in mind. You’re close to the airport, can enjoy the view (especially at night), and can relax in peace!

I, personally, haven’t flown in years – but I love watching airplanes. There’s something about those massive beasts hanging in the sky that just fascinates me. Forget science. It seems unreal. And if I can watch them without all the noise? All the better!

Christchurch NZ Council Plans Upgrades

September 12th, 2013

In a move that proves that recreation is important to Christchurch, the Community, Recreation, and Culture Committee got together earlier this month to prepare a plan to propose to the city council.

The plan focuses on several different community halls and recreation centers. This includes a community call, two pools, and a recreation center. Of particular interest to us is the Lyttelton Recreation Center, which is often used for meetings. That center will not only receive building upgrades, but will receive soundproofing so that the meeting rooms are more efficient for public use.

It’s not just recreational grounds the group is focused on. They’re also working on a new International Relations policy and will be applying for grants to repair several schools as well.

The committee meeting was held on September 3rd. We’ll be watching anxiously to see if the city council approves all of the proposals or nitpicks them to death.

NJ’s Saddle Brook Holiday Inn to Undergo $10M in Renovations

August 23rd, 2013

Not many people from the area would give a raving review of the Holiday Inn in Saddle Brook, NJ. The building, located off of Route 80 and current closed, was definitely in need of some serious TLC.

The building, however, was recently bought out by a group known as Alena Hospitality, LLC. The group plans to renovate and reopen the building in January of 2014, rebranded as a Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Nik Patel, a young entrepreneur at the age of 30, bought the hotel for a stunningly low $1.6 million – a far cry from the asking price of $2.8 million, which he negotiated directly with the foreclosing bank. His organization plans to put more than $10 million into renovations before reopening.

The building has been closed for almost 3 years now. The hotel, which is located near a railroad track, will have all new soundproof windows installed to ensure the comfort of patrons.

They entire building will be renovated from top to bottom, and they hope to attract a great crowd for Superbowl XLVIII next year!

Soundproofing Isn’t Just for Sleepers

August 9th, 2013

Hotels are always looking for the newest and best features – to be the cutting edge and to top the list of places travelers want to stay. That’s why many are now thinking outside the box when it comes to adding not only standard amenities but special features as well.

While this means that some hotels are stepping up their culinary options or the thread count of their sheets, places like the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara are taking things to an entirely new level. This particular hotel has created a soundproof booth designed for teleconferencing.

Catering to the business crowd is a top-notch idea. Those traveling on business, or even those on working vacations, often struggle to find quiet places where they can touch base with the office or take that international business call they simply couldn’t wiggle out of despite traveling. The soundproof booths give them a place to get away from family, friends, and other hotel guests so that they can take care of business in a quiet environment.

A lot of hotel chains are encouraging their individual hotel managers to experiment and listen to customer feedback. They want to implement the changes their patrons are asking for – and they’re definitely working hard to make things work.

Would You Sleep in an Underwater Hotel?

July 22nd, 2013

No, this isn’t a trick question. Would you ever consider sleeping in an underwater hotel? In the Maldives, that’s just what you might be able to do.

A group of polish developers is working on the Water Discus Hotel and just recently received the thumbs up from the national ministry of tourism to begin work. The hotel will be located off of Kuredhivaru, an island surrounded by coral reefs.

The good news is that you can stay at this hotel without living under the surface. There will be rooms both above and below the water, and you can choose your preference – a view of the sky or a view of the marine life in the surrounding waters.

The parts above the water will also feature a restaurant, pool, and helicopter landing pad – you know, in case you feel like flying in privately.

The submerged sections will feature soundproof rooms (of course, because fish are so noisy), dive centers, and the hotel bar.

If you’ve got the spare cash and a taste for luxury, this hotel – date to open yet to be determined – may be a destination to consider.

Novotel New York is Undergoing Massive Renovations

July 8th, 2013

The Novotel New York, a hotel in Times Square, is currently undergoing some major renovations. The changes, which are slated to be finished by this fall, are designed to target the younger, “hip” crowd the hotel tries to attract regularly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young business person or a tourist, this hotel is going to cater to the gadget-friendly.

So what’s changing? Our favorite feature, of course, is the soundproof windows they’re installing; they’ll actually be able to open and close.

Of course, that’s not all. The new hotel rooms – all 480 of them – will have new beds and furniture, subtle lighting, Wi-Fi, dockstations for iPads and other electronics, and large flat screen televisions.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking I may need to make a trip to New York City this fall!