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Christchurch NZ Council Plans Upgrades

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

In a move that proves that recreation is important to Christchurch, the Community, Recreation, and Culture Committee got together earlier this month to prepare a plan to propose to the city council.

The plan focuses on several different community halls and recreation centers. This includes a community call, two pools, and a recreation center. Of particular interest to us is the Lyttelton Recreation Center, which is often used for meetings. That center will not only receive building upgrades, but will receive soundproofing so that the meeting rooms are more efficient for public use.

It’s not just recreational grounds the group is focused on. They’re also working on a new International Relations policy and will be applying for grants to repair several schools as well.

The committee meeting was held on September 3rd. We’ll be watching anxiously to see if the city council approves all of the proposals or nitpicks them to death.

Hotel Soundproofing Woes

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

As stated many times on our blog Hotels are just not paying enough attention to properly soundproof their walls, floors ceilings and their doors (not to mention windows). They tend to rely on architects who tend to rely on paperwork of companies with claims of high STC ratings. A little digging and fine tooth combing would have shown them that for their application there are a lot better and cheaper alternatives. Don’t believe us see this long list of complaints from New York Times readers.

Burlington Man is Simply Too Noisy

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

A Burlington man found himself in court, defending himself against a noise complaint. On June 30th of 2007, William Costello was outside preaching on the streets of Burlington, Vermont.

Someone decided that Costello’s behavior was inappropriate and called the police. The officer who arrived on the scene noted that Costello’s voice was indeed very loud – at a tone that mirrored shouting or yelling. The officer asked Costello not to stop preaching, but to simply lower his voice. Costello refused and the officer in turn issued him a noise citation.

Costello challenged the case but lost. You simply can’t soundproof the great outdoors and, as such, we have to be respectful of others in public places.

Hotel Soundproofing Woes

Monday, September 6th, 2010

As we have been noting sound and noise complaints are becoming a larger and larger issue. In Fort Lauderdale it is literally dividing the city in half, as residents are seeking to cut down the noise coming from hotels and bars. Residents complain that soundproofing their home is not always the answer as they would like to enjoy their balconies outdoors, after all isn’t that why they bought a house in Florida in the first place! We think that the answer is quite simple let the hotels be responsible to control the sound by doing Hotel Soundproofing with the proper soundproofing materials and then having city officials come and see if the soundproofing is up to par.

The Globe Reopened!

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Over in the UK, the famed GLOBE has finally reopened!

After raising thousands for soundproofing, the courts finally agreed that the club owners had done more than enough to dampen the sounds oozing from the venue.

The license for music was returned and the club owner is now ready to start lining up bands and getting things back to normal!

Volunteerism – and Soundproofing?

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Schools in the Valley District of Arizona really needed help – and they got it – in the form of cash and time donations from family and neighbors.

Instead of complaining to the township, or to the school board, the members of the cash-strapped school district did something very few others have thought about. They simply banded together to get the jobs that needed doing done.

Example? Two years ago, a group of parents climbed up to the ceiling of one school gymnasium to install soundproofing. Others simply donate items from their homes for use in classrooms. One guy even donated an old car to an autobody class.

If only the rest of the world would catch on to such a great attitude!

Neuces County Courthouse Remodeled

Monday, April 5th, 2010

The Neuces County Courthouse, located in Corpus Christi, Florida, recently underwent a series of remodeling efforts. The courtrooms had been in their current state since they were originally built in the late 70′s. They desperately needed improvements.

The 8 courtrooms in question, along with the jury rooms, were all renovated. They received new electrical outlets, paneling, carpeting, and paint as well as new lighting systems. And – you know we love it – they all received new soundproofing.

Soundproof Carpet?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Out in the UK, a company called Manufacturer Desso claims to have developed a type of carpet with soundproofing properties. They hope it will be used in hotels, offices, and in multi-unit dwelling environments where sound is a particular concern.

The carpet is made with recycled polyester. Most carpets block 20-30% of sound decibels while this carpet is expected to block 30-40%. While we think it’s a great idea, we don’t think soundproof carpet is really going to give you the true soundproofing results you want to achieve. Proceed with caution!

Tribeca Braces for a New Dog Kennel

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Here’s an interesting story. A building in Tribeca, in Lower Manhattan, has had some vacant ground floor and basement space for quite a while now. The upper floors are all residential units but the landlord has recently given the retail space downstairs to – you guess it – a kennel owner.

Residents are worried about having dogs as neighbors. Will they be too noisy? Will they disturb the peace?

Kennel owners claim they are waiting for permits so that they can do some interior work, including the installation of significant levels of soundproofing between the ground floor and residential units above.

Now, once the noise concerns are alleviated, they’ll have to worry about the stench.

The Globe is Saved!

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

A popular nightclub, The Globe, was scheduled to close in Wales. The city of Cardiff had taken the club’s live music license away, citing noise complaints as the reason for its action.

The club had two choices: close for good (as live music was its bread and butter) or raise 25,000 pounds for soundproofing. The club thought it was going to simply have to close.

Patrons instead rallied together and raised the cash, with an anonymous donor making sure the goal was met. The club is now working on its soundproofing efforts and will reopen soon.