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Soundproofing a Car with MLV

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

While it may not at first seem possible, you can actually use mass loaded vinyl and similar materials to soundproof your car. The problem is that you may not get the full soundproofing effect like you would in your home.

Even still, this video is living proof that mass loaded vinyl can be used to decrease the noise coming from a car – great news for teens who can’t control their volume impulses!

Burlington Man is Simply Too Noisy

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

A Burlington man found himself in court, defending himself against a noise complaint. On June 30th of 2007, William Costello was outside preaching on the streets of Burlington, Vermont.

Someone decided that Costello’s behavior was inappropriate and called the police. The officer who arrived on the scene noted that Costello’s voice was indeed very loud – at a tone that mirrored shouting or yelling. The officer asked Costello not to stop preaching, but to simply lower his voice. Costello refused and the officer in turn issued him a noise citation.

Costello challenged the case but lost. You simply can’t soundproof the great outdoors and, as such, we have to be respectful of others in public places.

Soundproof Fencing – It is Possible

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

There’s nothing like lying in your yard, relaxing on a cool spring day, only to find your peaceful rest interrupted by the sounds of cars passing by or your neighbors having fun in their own yards. While these are things you can’t necessarily control, you can reduce the amount of sound that enters your yard by using some mass loaded vinyl to create a sound barrier with your fence. Watch this video for a quick intro as to how this might be done.

Soundproofing: The Difference between a Good Review and a Bad One

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Not long ago we were browsing a well-known travel website for information about hotels in a location we were planning to visit. We noticed a few hotels had only so-so rating so we read some of the reviews.

Imagine our surprise when we found that one of the main reasons some of these hotels received bad reviews was because of all of the noise. They’re older hotels and they haven’t invested in soundproofing materials yet. Hopefully they’ll catch a clue and make the investment soon.