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Poor Soundproofing Review at Boston Hotel

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

This Bostonian Hotel received a less than stellar review in terms of soundproofing from a customer leaving feedback on a popular travel website.

Let’s start by saying that the visitors LOVED the hotel itself, the room, and the atmosphere. The only problem is that the street-side of the hotel faces the bars and clubs in the nearby area. The soundproofing? Not so great.

Hopefully the  Bostonian Hotel will see the review and take it to heart. Sound is a huge consideration for travelers and, with the economy the way it is, travelers will only shell out cash for the very best.

Moda Hotel Undergoes Soundproofing

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

The Moda Hotel, in Vancouver, BC, recently announced that they are beginning soundproofing efforts. The announcement was made in February via a Twitter post, which we think is a great way of keeping in touch with modern visitors.

The hotel takes customer feedback very seriously. They apparently had quite a number of reviews on TripAdvisor, complaining about the sound levels. They took those reviews to heart and put a plan in motion. We can’t wait to see how the upgrades turn out!

How to Stop Snoring While Traveling

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Some people snore all the time. Others only snore while they’re traveling or when they are ill or under stress. Either way, you may find that snoring while traveling can be a hinderance to your work, especially if you have to share a¬† room with others while you work.

The solution? There are now devices called “Stop Snoring Mouthpieces” that you should be able to purchase in a pharmacy or health supply store. It looks like a mouth guard and is molded to fit your teeth, but holds your jaw in a position that is not conducive to snoring.

You can’t always find a soundproof hotel while on the road, so make sure you take something with you so that you don’t bother others!

Applying Green Glue is Easy

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

No one should shy away from the possibility of using Green Glue in a soundproofing project. We recommend it even for large projects like those done in hotel renovations. Applying the product to your walls is incredibly easy. We show you just how easy right here:

Comfort Suites Tout Soundproofing

Friday, March 4th, 2011

The Comfort Suites hotel in Miami, Florida is now adding soundproofing to its list of amenities. Considering it’s hot night-life and party atmosphere, any hotel in the area that can claim to have soundproof rooms should have a leg up over the competition.

We’ll give the hotel credit where it is due. It’s located in a gorgeous section of the city and caters to a wide variety of crowds, ranging from business travelers to families, and within close proximity to a number of universities and attractions.

We’re not paid to write a promotion for the hotel but we’re always happy to give a shout out to companies who have included soundproofing in their measures to make their sites better.