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How to soundproof a hotel floor

Friday, February 24th, 2012

If you are a hotel franchise and you are reading this before your framing is up then you can do a simple soundproofing procedure that will go a long way in providing you with headache relief of the noise problems that plague hotels. It it is a wood frame construction, simply add a 2nd layer of plywood (sub flooring) on top of the first layer of sub flooring (the thicker the better) with Green Glue Damping Compound in between at a rate of 1 tube per every 16 sf. The benefit of this is

  1. You get a heavier floor thereby adding “mass” which is always a good thing for sound and eliminates the need to use Mass Loaded Vinyl in your project.
  2. You get damping in the floor by using the Green Glue (It also comes in Green Glue Buckets, which are cheaper). Which dramatically cuts down on airborne sound.
  3. You are putting the damping compound in the floor thereby allowing you to damp any footstep noise as it hits the floor.
  4. You are getting a complete smooth sound control layers under the wall framing and minimum penetrations (no recessed lights or HVAC openings)

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