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Hotel Door Perimeters

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

As more and more hotel stayers are complaining of hallway noise coming into their rooms and at the same time worrying that their noise is being heard out side in the hallways we want to tackle the 2nd culprit on the door. The first was the door bottom which we mentioned in an earlier post can be tamed with an automatic door bottom. the 2nd is the perimiter of the door which need door gaskets in order to get a good door seal on the door. Although there are basic ones hotels should probably aim for adjustable door gaskets as these can be used for years to come when doors and frames have a tendecy to shift. Check it out for yourself next time your in a hotel stand in the hallway and close the door there is usually some kind of rubber stripping between the door and the frame chances are that a good portion of the door is not even in contact with that rubber strip let alone creating a tight seal.

If hotels put more effort into it they may even be able to get rid of their sleep wardens. What are sleep wardens… read this msnbc hotel noise article to find out. For more info on how to control sound on your doors see this door soundproofing article.