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Soundproof Hotels in New York City?

Friday, June 21st, 2013

A good friend of ours asked, not too long ago, about good soundproof hotel rooms in New York City. Her concerns varied. Her husband is a light sleeper and the city, as we all know, “doesn’t sleep at night.” She wanted to make sure they’d be in a place that was comfortable and moderately quiet.

In an attempt to help her out, we asked around and these are some of the suggestions we came up with. We thought we’d share them with you as well, in case you’re headed to the Big Apple in the near future.

The Benjamin can be found in Midtown East and features a sleep concierge who can help you with white noise machines, sleep masks, and even the perfect bedtime snack.

St. Giles – The Tuscany is reported to be an incredibly quiet place. It’s in a quieter location to start with, near E 39th and Lexington. Try to get a room that faces the courtyard.

The Ritz Carlton has a few locations but the New York Battery Park Site is fantastic. It’s Lower Manhattan location makes it convenient, but the lack of restaurants and bars in the area means you won’t be disturbed by late night party goers.

The Franklin NYC is an Upper East Side hotel. The location is full of apartment buildings and museums – no late night haunts are around to keep you awake.

A trip to New York City should be exciting, but you’ll need your rest at the end of each day. Try these recommends  out the next time you’re in the area.