Middleton Motel Sues Bar

A hotel in Middleton, Wisconsin is suing a nearby bar because of its damaging effects on business.

The Scatz Sports Bar and Night Club is at the center of the debate. The owner of the Courtyard Marriot, located less than 90 feet away from the bar, has filed a lawsuit against Scatz. They did this after asking the township to revoke, suspend, or nonrenew the bar’s license. The noise, they say, is incredibly loud and disturbs guests in the hotel.

They’re not necessarily asking the bar to close, though. They are asking the owners to increase their soundproofing efforts – creating barriers, adjusting their amplifiers, and implementing better monitoring techniques.

Sounds like a familiar story.  The real question is why the Mariott didn’t soundproof the motel better. Time will tell whether or not the Mariott will win this case.

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