Would You Sleep in an Underwater Hotel?

No, this isn’t a trick question. Would you ever consider sleeping in an underwater hotel? In the Maldives, that’s just what you might be able to do.

A group of polish developers is working on the Water Discus Hotel and just recently received the thumbs up from the national ministry of tourism to begin work. The hotel will be located off of Kuredhivaru, an island surrounded by coral reefs.

The good news is that you can stay at this hotel without living under the surface. There will be rooms both above and below the water, and you can choose your preference – a view of the sky or a view of the marine life in the surrounding waters.

The parts above the water will also feature a restaurant, pool, and helicopter landing pad – you know, in case you feel like flying in privately.

The submerged sections will feature soundproof rooms (of course, because fish are so noisy), dive centers, and the hotel bar.

If you’ve got the spare cash and a taste for luxury, this hotel – date to open yet to be determined – may be a destination to consider.

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