Soundproofing Isn’t Just for Sleepers

Hotels are always looking for the newest and best features – to be the cutting edge and to top the list of places travelers want to stay. That’s why many are now thinking outside the box when it comes to adding not only standard amenities but special features as well.

While this means that some hotels are stepping up their culinary options or the thread count of their sheets, places like the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara are taking things to an entirely new level. This particular hotel has created a soundproof booth designed for teleconferencing.

Catering to the business crowd is a top-notch idea. Those traveling on business, or even those on working vacations, often struggle to find quiet places where they can touch base with the office or take that international business call they simply couldn’t wiggle out of despite traveling. The soundproof booths give them a place to get away from family, friends, and other hotel guests so that they can take care of business in a quiet environment.

A lot of hotel chains are encouraging their individual hotel managers to experiment and listen to customer feedback. They want to implement the changes their patrons are asking for – and they’re definitely working hard to make things work.

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