Christchurch NZ Council Plans Upgrades

In a move that proves that recreation is important to Christchurch, the Community, Recreation, and Culture Committee got together earlier this month to prepare a plan to propose to the city council.

The plan focuses on several different community halls and recreation centers. This includes a community call, two pools, and a recreation center. Of particular interest to us is the Lyttelton Recreation Center, which is often used for meetings. That center will not only receive building upgrades, but will receive soundproofing so that the meeting rooms are more efficient for public use.

It’s not just recreational grounds the group is focused on. They’re also working on a new International Relations policy and will be applying for grants to repair several schools as well.

The committee meeting was held on September 3rd. We’ll be watching anxiously to see if the city council approves all of the proposals or nitpicks them to death.

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