Airport Fun at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta

Those who travel frequently know how tough it can be to get back and forth to the airport. Those making quick trips, or with long layovers, know how important it is to stay close to the main transportation hub. While some prefer to distance themselves from airport noise, there are others who would prefer to watch the planes come and go all night long. For those people, there are places like the Renaissance Concourse in Atlanta.

This place is seriously cool – and probably even better if you have a child who is really into airplanes. According to a PR Newswire release, the hotel has special areas where you can watch planes come and go. Visitors get kits with information about the visible runways and the types of planes they’re seeing, too. Once you’re done watching the planes, you can relax in a room that was soundproofed specifically with airplane noise in mind. You’re close to the airport, can enjoy the view (especially at night), and can relax in peace!

I, personally, haven’t flown in years – but I love watching airplanes. There’s something about those massive beasts hanging in the sky that just fascinates me. Forget science. It seems unreal. And if I can watch them without all the noise? All the better!

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