Russia’s Kempinski Hotel is Luxurious – and Quiet

The hustle and bustle of daily life in Moscow, Russia can be quite chaotic. The capital city is full of residents, business persons, and tourists throughout the entire year.

It’s not abnormal to check into a hotel in Moscow and still fill as if you’re on the city streets. A lot of the hotels serve liquor in the lobby bars and the chaos seems to carry in from the streets.

The Nikolskaya Kempinski hotel is different, though. Burkhard Wolter, the manger of the hotel, worked hard to make sure the newest building was located in what he called a subdued area. According to The Moscow Times, made sure the lobby had soundproof windows, further enhancing the peaceful effect.

The Kempinski wasn’t always a quiet place. It was originally an apartment building, built in 1870. It took 6 years to restore and convert the hotel, including the movement of a power substation and the restoration of years of neglect to what is still considered a historic building.

Headed to Moscow sometime soon? Check out the Kempinski and let us know what it was like. Our curiosity is piqued!

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