Carmel, CA Inns Undergo Renovations

According to, quite a number of inns throughout Carmel, California have undergone renovations. The Carmel area is well-known for it’s quaint charm, so seeing so many places undergoing renovations may leave people feeling a bit hesitant. Is the area evolving and growing? Will it lose it’s charm? Probably not.

The hotels that opted to undergo renovations were in dire need and the essence of each place was kept. Included were the La Playa Carmel, the Vendange Carmel Inn & Suites, and Quail Lodge.

Each has a rich history. La Playa Carmel, for example, was built in 1905 as a family retreat and was later turned into an inn (with 75 small but romantic rooms). Vendange is just about 86 years old and has received both a physical renovation as well as a renovation of their service offerings, something the previous owner left sorely neglected. They even added soundproofing due to their busy street location. Quail Lodge opened in 1964 but closed in 2009 due to economic troubles. The hotel reopened earlier this year and the entire golf resort has a new atmosphere and look.

Seems like the area was in need of an overhaul. Charming doesn’t have to mean run-down, and the folks in Carmel are doing what they can to step things up a notch.

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