Music Reform is About to Hit Melbourne

Music reform is coming to the Melbourne area, but it may not make everyone happy. While Melbourne is acknowledged, even by Parliament, as one of the biggest cultural assets (and tourist assets), there are going to be some reforms to control soundproofing complaints and issues.

Of most notable concern, not just in Melbourne but in areas around the world, is who is responsible when a music venue moves into a neighborhood and starts to make noise. Was the neighborhood already noisy? Was the apartment added next to a bar? In Melbourne, the reform will make the answer to these questions very simple.

Whoever is responsible for changing the face of the neighborhood will be the one to bear the brunt of the soundproofing costs. If the neighborhood has bars and music venues but you choose to move into an apartment nearby, you’ll have to pay to soundproof your apartment. If, on the other hand, the music venue is the new addition to the neighborhood, the music venue will have to bear the brunt of the costs to ensure it does not cause a disturbance.

This seems pretty fair and is geared towards helping the music industry survive where it might otherwise be held responsible for soundproofing costs (or court costs if they want to try to win a fight). Do you think this sounds fair?


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