Green Glue – An Introduction

If you’re into soundproofing, especially when it comes to soundproofing commercial buildings like hotels, you’ve probably heard of Green Glue once or twice before. Contrary to what your imagination might lead you to believe, Green Glue is not a special colored children’s glue and isn’t a craft product. it’s one of the most widely recognized soundproofing products available for use today.

Green Glue is what is known in the soundproofing world as a damping compound. Damping compounds can be used to add an extra layer of protection to virtually any rigid surface. You don’t need to prepare the surface before application, saving you both time and money. All you have to do is squirt the visoelastic material onto the surface in a haphazard pattern and apply a second layer of drywall over top. Before you know it you’ll have a series of quality hotel rooms complete with soundproofing.

Green Glue is not only functional but affordable as well. It comes in either a 5 gallon bucket, perfect for commercial projects, on in a standard quart-sized caulk tube. You can insert the regular tubes into a regular caulk gun or purchase an easy to use refillable gun to use with the larger buckets. The average cost of Green Glue is around $165 for a case of 12 tubes or $250 for a 5 gallon bucket.

So why should you be using Green Glue in your hotel soundproofing projects? This particular product has been tested in a wide variety of situations and has been found to increase the average STC rating to 56. It’s used in commercial projects as well as home projects – making music studios, bedrooms, and even conference rooms much quieter.

There are tons of advantages to using Green Glue instead of other soundproofing materials as well. Green Glue doesn’t require you to measure the space you’re going to work on first. The use of a caulk gun cuts down on application time and ensures you don’t make a mess, cutting down on cleanup time as well. You can use Green Glue on both new and existing walls and you don’t need to purchase a myriad of other accessories to go with it.

Green Glue is one of the most respected soundproofing products on the market today. It’s a favorite amongst both amateur and seasoned professionals because of its affordability, convenience, and effectiveness. Try Green Glue for yourself and you’ll notice a 90%+ reduction in noise – guaranteed.

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