Green Glue 101 – The Basics

As we mentioned just last week, Green Glue is by far one of the best soundproofing products on the market today. Used by a wide variety of contractors and professionals, Green Glue damping compound has an amazing reputation due to both its effectiveness and affordable price.

Today we’re going to take a few minutes to introduce you to Green Glue by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about this soundproofing product. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with other questions if you think of any.

Do I Have to Use Green Glue with Drywall?

This is a pretty common question and most people are really asking if they can use soundboard instead of drywall when they install their Green Glue barrier. The truth is that the most effective material is drywall because it is heavier and denser than soundboard. We don’t find soundboard to be good for much when it comes to construction, let alone soundproofing – it’s simply too light.

Can Green Glue be Dangerous?

Green Glue is not dangerous when used properly. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the safest soundproofing materials available. The Green Glue company is dedicated to making sure all of its products are eco-friendly and they try to use as few toxic chemicals as possible. Green Glue damping compound is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. You may notice a slight odor but it will disappear rather quickly after you apply the product. Read some more Green Glue FAQ.

Is Green Glue Considered Flammable?

Nope. Green Glue was put through a series of extensive tests and was found to be safe for use. It is not a fire hazard. It’s so safe, in fact, it can legally be used in walls with specific fire-rating requirements without impacting the effectiveness of the firewall itself.

Is Green Glue Expensive?

Green Glue is one of the most cost effective products you’ll lay your hands on. For only $165 you can purchase a case of 12 tubes (averaging around $14 per tube). Do the math and you’ll find you’re only spending about $.75 per square foot on your project. What an incredibly inexpensive way to build a sound barrier!

Will I Need a Large Amount of Green Glue?

In most cases you will not need a ton of Green Glue to get the job done. Measure the area you’re going to treat and determine how many 4′ x 8′ sheets of drywall you’ll need. You’ll need 2 tubes of Green Glue per sheet of drywall. You can use 3 tubes if you’d like but anything more than that is a waste of time and can actually counter your efforts.

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