Green Glue Introduces New Packages

The Green Glue corporation late last year announced the introduction of a new package of soundproofing products to the industry. The package groups a series of well-known and often used soundproofing products into one simple package, making it easy for individuals and professional contractors alike to purchase the materials they need without going to a series of different sources.

Up until the introduction of this package, Green Glue was the primary product sold by the organization. It has been a primary material but has required the purchase of several other soundproofing materials necessary to fine tune a project – especially new construction projects.

The newest package of Green Glue products includes:

  • Whisper clips for creating a soundproof air pocket between two layers of drywall;
  • Acoustical caulk for filling in the seams between layers of drywall, filling in seams, or filling gaps or crevices that might allow sound to pass through a surface;
  • Gasket tape, or joist tape, for preventing joists from rubbing together after the walls are closed; and
  • Green glue damping compound, the ultimate soundproofing material used to create a sound barrier between two layers of drywall.

Previous to the introduction of this package, contractors would haveĀ  had to purchase each of these materials separately, sometimes from different companies or brands. Putting all four products under one recognizable name has allowed Green Glue to position itself as one of the most persevering organizations in the soundproofing industry.

Just as a reminder, Green Glue products are all eco-friendly. The company is dedicated to creating non-toxic products that won’t cause damage to the environment. They use the safest chemicals possible to ensure you aren’t exposed to anything dangerous while working as well.

Each product in the package is essential to a successful soundproofing project. With all four in one place you have no reason to expect anything from the best – and you won’t have to run from store to store to get it, either!

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