Soundproofing a Hotel

Sound is becoming a huge concern for travelers. While those staying in hostels or hotels with low-star ratings don’t usually expect to sleep in a soundproof¬† bubble, those paying more money for hotels with three stars or more expect just that. Take a look at any hotel review site on the web today and you’ll quickly see a growing trend – complaints, or compliments, about the levels of sound found in any building.

While some customers seem satisfied with the quality of service received in comparison to the amount paid, others are incredibly grumpy. Who can blame them? After a rough night of sleep filled with lots of disrupting outside sound, it’s really fair of them to ask why there wans’t better soundproofing.

Today’s hot luxury hotels spend a lot of money making sure guests are showered with incredible amenities. The newer hotels are, thankfully, including soundproofing as one of those amenities – understanding that quiet and relaxation really do go hand in hand.

The truth, however, is that even lower-rated hotels can really afford to add soundproofing, both during construction and after. Hotels that are under construction for the first time are almost always required to install two layers of drywall in order to satisfy fire rating requirements. Green Glue¬†Tubes has a high STC rating and has been approved for use in firewalls, so there is no reason not to install it between the two layers of drywall as they are being put up. The total cost for adding Green Glue is about $.65 per square foot – less if you’re buying Green Glue Buckets in bulk in order to soundproof an entire hotel.

Luxury hotels may be looking to create an atmosphere that is completely silent. If that’s the case, they should be using Green Glue in conjunction with whisper clips and hat channels in order to create resilient channels before installing the drywall. The combination of the two sound control techniques is superior to either one alone.

Not building a new hotel? No problem. When a hotel manager decides to renovate he’ll find it incredibly easy to add a layer of Green Glue over the existing walls before installing a second layer of drywall. As a matter of fact, since he won’t have to scrape or peel wallpaper off of the old walls first, it will actually save him money when it comes to labor. They’ll only have to use acoustical caulk around the seams, spackle, and refinish the walls.

Soundproofing offers a win-win situation for any hotel owner. They can include soundproofing as an amenity and they’ll keep their visitors happy – making them more likely to return later on!

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