Soundproofing Mistakes – Part 1

The first time you attempt a project you may find the world of soundproofing to be a bit overwhelming. The truth, fortunately, is that learning about soundproofing isn’t really difficult at all. You’ll need to find a bit of information about the different techniques and soundproofing materials available but, after that, you should be able to get the job done within your budget and without the help of a professional.

Even though soundproofing is relatively easy, some people fall victim to the hype – or to the unsolicited advice of people who have no idea what they’re talking about. If you want to avoid making a soundproofing mistake, follow these tips first.

5. Avoid Consultants

Soundproofing consultants are talented people. They’re alos not worth your money unless you’re trying to build a professional sound studio or unless you have some sort of legal situation at hand. Professional sound consultants will come into your home, pinpoint the source of your problem, and then send you a bill. You can find and solve your problems on your own – especially if you spend a little bit of time learning about the basics of soundproofing first.

4. Making Assumptions

Never assume you know the cause of your problems until you’ve actually done some research and checked out the problem. For example, say you’re trying to sleep on a nice summer night with the windows open. Your neightbor’s teenage son has the same idea but he’s left the television on and you can hear it. Do you need to soundproof your home to solve the problem? I bet if you knocked on your neighbors door for a civil conversation you’d be able to find a better, and more affordable, solution to your problem.

3. Avoid Bad Advice

Some people really do know what they’re talking about when it comes to soundproofing. Others don’t. Your job is to know the difference. Filling your walls with cellulose, nailing mattresses to the walls, or even painting your walls with dark colors, will NOT soundproof your home. This type of bad advice might even make your problems worse.

2. Involving the Authorities

Unless you live next to a bar or club, calling the cops every time you are bothered by noise isn’t going to solve your problems. They can’t make the neighbor’s dog stop barking and, unless they’re underage, they can’t permanently stop a party from roaring. Constantly complaining will also make your neighbors hate you. There are better ways of controlling sound – like building your own sound barrier.

1. Do Your Research

So many people attempt soundproofing without doing enough research about techniques or materials first. Don’t make this mistake. You’ll end up using things like Green Glue, mass loaded vinyl, or acoustical caulk – true – but how will you use them, and in what capacity? If you install them incorrectly, you won’t solve your problems.

Follow these soundproofing tips and your project will surely run smoothly. Ignore them, and you’ll be in for a world of noise!

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