Understanding Damping

By now you’ve probably read a number of articles about Green Glue, how it works, and how it can have a huge impact on the outcome of just about any soundproofing project. Green Glue is known as a damping compound and, as such, can be very versatile. Before you can understand why, though, you need to know exactly what damping is and what it means to your projects.

Damping is, realistically speaking, the length of time it takes for sound energy to be dissipated by another object (like a wall, floor, or some other surface). This dissipation breaks the sound energies up and causes them to completely disappear. The faster the energy dissipates the less likely you are to hear any remnants of the sound as it passes through the surface you are soundproofing.

Damping can be split into for main rating categories. These include:

  • Excellent (Factor .6)
  • Good (Factor .1)
  • Poor  (Factor .005)
  • Extremely Poor (Factor .006)

Damping can be achieved in a variety of ways but, in the end, the type of building construction in question combined with the soundproofing materials you choose to work with will dictate your results. There are some older damping compounds on the market and, while they were effective, they usually only achieved a “good” rating. Green Glue, on the other hand, is able to dissipate those sound energies at a faster rate, earning it an “excellent” rating.

Another thing to remember about Green Glue is that it is visoelastic. This particular property makes it a very effective damping compound because it is thick, or viscious, and springy. Visoelastic materials usually come in two forms – constrained and extensional.

If you are soundproofing a surface that is flexible you might need to use a extensional damping compound. Extensional materials can be placed on the surface of any object and can bend slightly with the object in question.

Constrained damping materials, on the other hand, are used on buildings or materials that are non-moving. They’re rigid and unbendable. Constrained materials, like Green Glue, are sandwiched between two layers of some sort of rigid material.

You’ll notice a huge difference as you begin using Green Glue in your soundproofing projects. Your STC ratings will improve and your clients will be much happier. Guaranteed!

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