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How to Stop Snoring While Traveling

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Some people snore all the time. Others only snore while they’re traveling or when they are ill or under stress. Either way, you may find that snoring while traveling can be a hinderance to your work, especially if you have to share a  room with others while you work.

The solution? There are now devices called “Stop Snoring Mouthpieces” that you should be able to purchase in a pharmacy or health supply store. It looks like a mouth guard and is molded to fit your teeth, but holds your jaw in a position that is not conducive to snoring.

You can’t always find a soundproof hotel while on the road, so make sure you take something with you so that you don’t bother others!

Hyatt Turns a Profit in 2ndQ 2010

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

The Hyatt Hotels Corp. hotel chain recently reported that the organization turned a profit in the 2nd quarter of 2010, adding its name to the list of hotels proving that the economy may just be turning around.

The hotel earned about $25 million during the 2nd quarter. Shareholders should see earnings of about $.14 per share. During the same time last year, the hotel had experienced a loss of $50 million.

The hotel industry seems to be on an upswing. Can the changes last?

Extra Hotel Fees a Possibility in LA

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Politicians in LA are considering adding an extra tax to hotel stays. The tax, reported to be around 1.5%, would go directly towards a fund that would help to pay for advertising. The advertising campaigns would focus on LA as a great tourist destination.

The city of LA is already viewed as a “noncompetitive” place for conventions and major events. The economy has made the hotel economy even worse. The city hopes by that adding this small tax, which would raise an estimated $10-11 million per year, they can turn things around.

What do you think? Should you be respnosible for paying for advertising, or should the hotels?

Are Pensacola Hotels Safe?

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

There have been special concerns over hotel chains located in Pensacol and the surrounding areas. Will the oil spills affect tourism? Will hotels find their once-packed schedules filled with empty spaces?

The good news is that hotels in the Pensacola area have actually seen an increase in business overthe past month, with a 15.5% increase in June alone.

The problem? Researchers state these numbers are not up due to tourism. Instead, they have risen because of the number of people visiting the gulf to help with the oil spill cleanup.

Whether or not tourism will be affected is something only time can tell.